Self-care practices you can easily add to your current routine

Today is a good day to talk about self care. Today is World Mental Health Day. For some people, this day really hits home albeit in different ways. It may serve as a reminder of one’s own mental health issues or the mental health of a loved one. Or it may just remind one of the importance of mental health.

If none of these reasons resonate with you, I still urge you to continue reading because sometimes, we do not understand how much we need self-care until we actually start practicing it.

  • Meditation and/or prayer: We hear it all the time. “Take time out of your day to meditate.” And for good reason. There are enough studies that show that meditation has some powerful effects on the mind. Sitting there trying to focus on your breath a little too much for you? Use guided meditation. A great place to find some amazing guided meditations is on YouTube. If none of this floats your boat, taking a simple walk outdoors is enough to reel you into the present moment, thus may provide similar benefits to meditation. Prayer doesn’t have to be complex either. Taking out 5 minutes at any time of the day or night is enough to breathe deeply and send out to the universe your desires for your life.
  • A regular cleaning and decluttering schedule. Having a clean space will give you more clarity on all areas of your life. I wish I could give a money back guarantee on this but it really does work. Here are some tips to get you started.
  • Working on your to-do list diligently. It’s so rewarding to see items being marked off on your list. The night before, have a to-do list ready to go for the next day. Not only will you sleep better, you will up your life organization game by a lot.

  • Working out. Exercise has a plethora of benefits that just can’t be ignored. It makes you happier and healthier. Win-win. Different workouts work for different people. So don’t give up if you haven’t found what works for you just yet. Keep trying.
  • Working on the correct diet for your body. Food fuels your body AND your mind. If you have any health issues that you haven’t looked into, even just getting a basic blood test can be very telling. From there, you can begin your journey of finding out what diet is best for you. Vegetables and fruits are all things nice. Stock them in your home and remove any junk foods. If it’s in the house, you will reach for it.
  • Feeding your mind with the right content. Reading self-help books on topics you connect with and listening to the right podcasts can be amazing ways of nurturing your mind. You are what you consume, not just your diet, content too. Refrain from watching videos on YouTube that might give off toxic vibes.
  • Saying no. Everyone struggles with this. We don’t want to hurt people or have them think of us as not caring for them. But learning to say no is a beautiful piece of self care. It means setting boundaries and loving yourself enough to put yourself first. You can’t always say no. I know that isn’t always practical. But write down ways you could politely decline certain invites or asks so the next time you are faced with one, you are better equipped to say no. This exercise will also have the benefit of bettering your prioritization skills. Also, always take your time to respond to an ask so you don’t feel forced to say yes. Tell the person that you need to check your schedule and will get back to them. 

You certainly do not have to do all the above in one day. Take it slow. Start with one item first and work what you wish gently into your routine. The more you stay the course on the path of self-care, the simpler it will get.

Remember, you are worthy of a kickass self-care routine. Yes, you.


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