How To Make the Most of Your Eye Shape

It's always fun to start off with a disclaimer! So let's do that: Below are just general guidelines. Even though two people may have the same eye shape, they probably will not be eye twinning. Therefore, different lashes and makeup suit different people, not necessarily different eye shapes. Some people have eyes that are, for example, more hooded, less hooded, bigger round eyes, smaller round eyes, etc. This must be taken into account.

Also, makeup is referred to as a creative outlet for a reason. You do you.

Now, let the general guidelines and inspiration begin!



If the whites of your eyes are visible all around the iris, you have round eyes.

Seek celebrity inspiration in: Katy Perry, Ashley Olsen

Seek YouTube inspiration in: Irene KhanJackie Wyers

Eyeliner Game: Try applying eyeliner with no wing or the tiniest little wing. This will ensure your eyes don’t end up looking upturned.

Lashes recommendation: Play up your eyes with lashes that are lengthy to accentuate your doll-like features or lashes that taper at the ends if you are going for a more sultry look.

Lash Styles: All Mine, Crown JewelOculus Lift


If your eyes are shaped like almonds (duh) and if part of your iris disappears under your eyelids, then you have almond shaped eyes.

Seek celebrity inspiration in: Kim Kardashian, Mila Kunis, Zendaya

Seek YouTube inspiration in: Allana Davison, Sabina Hannan

Eyeliner Game: Apply eyeliner starting from the inner corner to the outer corner, with a dramatic wing if you please.

Lashes recommendation: Almond eyes suit most lash styles. Try something criss-crossed in varying lengths and volumes.

Lash Styles: All Mine, Faux ShowPrime Time



You have monolid eyes if you barely have a crease and can't feel much of your brow bone.

Seek celebrity inspiration in: Lee Chae-Rin, Nana (Im Jin-ah), Sandra Oh

Seek YouTube inspiration in: Claire MarshallSarocha B

Eyeliner Game: Try a thin line on your lash line that gets slightly thicker on the outer corners. Extend your liner out to the side.

Lashes recommendation: Lashes that are not too heavy bring attention to your features.

Lash Styles: Air KissAll Mine, Crown Jewel


If you have an extra layer of skin that droops over your crease, you have hooded eyes.

Seek celebrity inspiration in: Adrianna Lima, Blake Lively

Seek YouTube inspiration in: NikkieTutorialsPony Makeup

Eyeliner Game: Extend your eyeliner beyond the lash line to balance out the eye shape.

Lashes recommendation: To create more depth, choose lashes that have the longest strands at the centre of the lash.

Lash Styles: Crown JewelGolden Aura, Holy Fluff


If your eyes are more than one eyeball width apart, you have wide set eyes.

Seek celebrity inspiration in: Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss

Seek YouTube inspiration in: Melissa AlatorreMeuwsha

Eyeliner Game: Tightline your eyes, both upper and lower waterline, to add intensity.

Lashes recommendation: This eye shape can carry off full lashes with ease. Draw attention to your elongated eyes with lashes that have relatively the same length from inner corner to outer corner, or choose lashes that are longest in the inner corner or the centre to give the illusion of eyes that are not as far apart.

Lash Styles: All Mine, LasherinaPrime Time


If your eyes are less than one eyeball width apart, you have close set eyes.

Seek celebrity inspiration in: Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker

Seek YouTube inspiration in: ChrisspyChristen Dominique

Eyeliner Game: Do not start your eyeliner at the inner corner. Begin a third of the way in and wing it out in the outer corners.

Lashes recommendation: Draw attention to the outer corners of your eyes by using lashes that taper at the ends.

Lash Styles: Better Half, Faux ShowNuit Noire


You have downturned eyes if your eyes drop at the outer corners.

Seek celebrity inspiration in: Marilyn Monroe, Camilla Belle

Seek YouTube inspiration in: Sammy Robinson, Sharifa Easmin-Kabir

Eyeliner Game: Apply eye liner starting from the inner corner, flicking the liner up at the outer corner to lift the eye.

Lashes recommendation: Lengthy lashes look stunning on this eye shape and help balance it out.

 Lash Styles: LasherinaNuit NoireOculus Lift


You have upturned eyes if your eyes turn up at the outer corners.

Seek celebrity inspiration in: Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu

Seek YouTube inspiration in: msroshposh, GinsMakeup

Eyeliner Game: Try a smokey, smudgey eyeliner look. Think grunge glam.

Lashes recommendation: Choose lashes that do not carry the most volume and length at the outer corners.

Lash Styles: LasherinaGolden Aura, Holy Fluff 

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