What to do when you have nothing to do

Sick of hearing the words "COVID-19" and “unprecedented”? Us too! But really, these unprecedented (sorry!) times call for unprecedented (sorry again!) strategies - basically things we should be doing any way but now, we might have more time to do them. Make the best of what may feel like the worst because not making the best of it will make you feel worse. Genius, right?

So what should you do when you have nothing to do?

  • Connect with your loved ones and loved-but-not-contacted-in-a-while ones. Call them. Message them. You will feel a sense of joy. This sense of joy makes the uneasiness of messaging someone you haven’t in a while worthwhile.
  • Revamp your social media and Youtube feed. Most of us consume content for a significant part of our day, maybe even more so now in these “unprecedented” times. We are what we consume. Try this: do not mindlessly scroll. Pause for a few seconds on each Instagram post or Youtube video and see if it brings up any kind of negative feelings. If it does, it might be time to unfollow or unsubscribe. Do the same thing with WhatsApp groups and messages that invoke feelings of anxiety in you - set limits on how much time you spend engaging with them.
  • Don't just watch movies and TV shows. Select a TED Talk or a documentary based on topics that interest you or something you have always been curious about so you don't get bored. Learning new things is a fun life experience. 
  • Take this time to plan. Create a routine for yourself so you refrain from doing things you find wasteful. Plan not only your day but also make a plan to be your healthiest self. Assess your diet to see where you could be better. I know I just said create a routine but make sure you add variety to your days so everyday doesn't feel the same. Variety will keep you motivated and less likely to fall prey to the boredom that may come with routine.
  • Read. Not into books? Pick a topic you’ve wanted to know more about and read blog articles. They summarize topics so it’s an easier and faster read than a book. Try Blinkist. It’s an app that summarizes books which you can read in 15 minutes or less. Sign up for that free trial at minimum. If you find it very difficult, create a routine to read 10 minutes before bed everyday.
  • Expand your skill set. This does not only have to be career related. There are many skills to acquire like being better at journalling or your finances. You can probably see it coming as many, many, many Youtubers always mention this but Skillshare and even Youtube are great platforms for this type of learning. Free Skillshare trial, here I come.
  • Meditate. If you find you really can’t do it even though you’ve tried, start meditating in bed right before falling asleep. Try chanting a word or an affirmation that connects with you. Or simply bring focus to your breath, which in turn will bring focus to the present moment. Download a meditation or relaxation app.
  • Reassess your life and it’s priorities. This time can be put to great use by introspecting. Set yourself small goals everyday and as you are doing so, be sure to take a look at what you are prioritizing and if that needs to be changed around. A future blog post coming up with more on this later!
  • Write down what you are grateful for. The mind is truly a beautiful thing. What you feed it is what it will grow. Sow seeds of gratitude in your mind with a truly powerful exercise. At either the start or end of everyday (or every few days), write down what you are grateful for. Do it on your phone if you find it difficult to commit to penning it on paper. It could even be being grateful for something as simple as that warm bowl of oatmeal you had for breakfast.

  • Clean and organize. That closet you’ve been wanting to organize? Get to it. The kitchen cupboards that are a mess? They are waiting for you. The end result of a solid vacuuming session can be happiness too.
  • Do one thing every day to get your heart rate up. Try finding workout videos on Youtube that you feel you can actually stick to. There are so many different options available on the platform so dive deep in your research and don’t give up until you find something you feel you can stick to. Or up and down the stairs you go!
  • Throw on some jewelry. Put on some lipstick. It might make you feel better than you think.
  • Wash those dirty makeup brushes. They will thank you for finally getting to them.

Remember, it’s okay to feel some anxiety about what is going on. Everyone is going through it together. This is a strange sense of community but it is still great to feel this sense of community.

PSA: Social distancing is the new cool for now so let’s definitely continue with that until advised otherwise.

Sending everyone lots of love and wishing for everyone the best of health!

Wishing you love and light,

—Our blog articles are written by our founder—

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