Discontinuing mink lashes

April 9, 2020

It has been weighing on us. When we first started out, we bought into the claim that mink lashes were cruelty-free. Touted by both manufacturers and businesses as cruelty-free, we regretfully believed it.

The claim is that mink hair is obtained by brushing the mink animal who is raised in a free-range farm and that the natural shedding is the fur that is collected. It has come to our attention that this is not really the case. “Mink can’t be ‘free-range’. They’re solitary, territorial animals who become aggressive when they feel threatened, and they would fight if confined to a small area together.” [Source:  PETA, https://www.peta.org/features/mink-eyelashes/]

We do not want to play a role in the mistreatment of any creature. We started My Lash Wish on the basis of our products being cruelty-free. We have ceased the manufacturing of mink lashes for a few months now.

Our current faux mink range is a testament to being able to mimic the look of mink lashes and at the same time, having the gratification of making a positive and conscious buying decision. We will be expanding our product range in the coming months to include an even wider variety of truly cruelty-free options that emulate the look and feel of mink lashes.

Until July 5 2020, $2 from each pair of mink lashes sold on our website (excluding sale, Lash Chance and any bundle offers) will be donated to charities supporting COVID-19 relief efforts, as per our poll on Instagram.

We are ashamed to have been a part of this, even though unintentionally. We are sorry. ❤️