Crown Jewel - Oomphed
Crown Jewel - Oomphed

Crown Jewel - Oomphed

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Oomphed Collection: Lash styles you know and love, but with an oomph.
A little bolder, a little more volume, a little more oomph.

Reign in your (oomphed) crown jewel.

Lashes that are ever so slightly flared towards the outer corner with longer strands in the middle will make you sparkle.
  • Pack of 3 pairs of lashes
  • Made using the highest grade, premium faux mink fibres
  • Handmade with love by lash artisans 
  • Flexible cotton thread band to ensure comfort
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • So lightweight, you will forget they are on your eyes
  • Each pair is reusable for 25+ wears with proper care
  • Significantly increase the usage of your strip lashes with the use of our Line & Dash™ Eyelash Adhesive and Eyeliner hybrid

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