Our Story

A message from our founder

Born out of a fascination of how much of an impact a good pair of lashes make, My Lash Wish is the product of a simple incident.

Here’s the story: I met a friend of mine for lunch. I couldn’t stop staring at her. She couldn’t stop staring at me staring at her. She immediately confessed that she started wearing false lashes and gushed about her love for them.

Thus, my own journey began. I tried out the same style of lashes my friend had on. To my surprise, those lashes did not work for me. I tried out a number of other styles and was intrigued by how the same eyelashes look different on different eye shapes. 

Going through my own struggle of finding lashes that suited my eye shape, I decided to start my own line of lashes designed to have a truly wide range of styles for every eye shape and preference.

Life lesson: lashes are the most important accessory to treat yourself to.

We promise to make us worth your while!

Your Lash Wish has been granted.

P.S. To better connect with you within the sphere of my online presence, I have a blog which can be accessed here.